Nibor Advisory Committee

Nibor Advisory Committee is an advisory body to the Nibor administrator. The Committee shall comprise representatives from the Nibor panel banks. The members of the Committee are appointed by NoRe based on nominations by the individual panel banks among own employees. A member of the Committee may not be a member of the Nibor Oversight Committee.

The Committee shall evaluate regularly whether the rules and the underlying data for Nibor are appropriate, advise on amendments to the rules and on the practical implementation of the rules and share knowledge on market developments relevant to the benchmark.

The Nibor Advisory Committee Terms of Reference is published on the Nibor Framework page.

Members of the Nibor Advisory Committee
Anders Carlsson, Nordea Bank ABP
Steen Alva-Jørgensen, Danske Bank A/S
Vidar Knudsen, DNB Bank ASA
Joakim Henriks, Swedbank AB
Wenche Vatnan, Svenska Handelsbanken AB
Jenny Ramstedt, SEB AB