May 11th, 2021: Enhancing Nibor methodology transparency
NoRe has today published its new “Nibor Transparency Statement”. The purpose of the statement is to provide users of Nibor with information on what kind of data the fixings of Nibor have been based on. The statement includes the “Nibor Transparency model” for the Nibor three months tenor.

May 4th, 2021: Nibor - Annual Review of Methodology concluded
Nibor Oversight Committee has finalized its first annual review of the Nibor Framework, including the Nibor Methodology. The Committee determined that the current methodology continues to be suitable for its intended purpose and that no amendments to the Nibor Framework are necessary. Following the review NoRe has adopted a clarifying addition to the Nibor Panel Bank Code of Conduct and decided to introduce a Nibor Transparency Statement. Information on these items will follow in later newsletters.

October 23rd, 2020: Nibor Benchmark Statement published
NoRe has today published its Benchmark Statement for the Nibor interest rate benchmark, as required by the EU Benchmarks Regulation article 27. The statement is available on our web page The Nibor Framework.




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