June 20th, 2022: Revisions to Code of Conduct and new member of Oversight Committee
A revised version of the Nibor Panel Bank Code of Conduct was adopted today which applies from 1 October 2022. None of the changes affect the methodology which the calculation of Nibor is based on. Furthermore, a new member has been appointed to the Nibor Oversight Committee.

May 4th, 2022: 2nd annual review of the Nibor Framework concluded
Nibor Oversight Committee has finalized its second annual review of the Nibor Framework, including the Nibor Methodology. The review has identified the need for amendments in some policy documents, in particular following the recognition of Nibor as a critical benchmark according to the EU Benchmark regulation. The current calculation methodology has been assessed as still being suitable for its intended purpose.

January 20th, 2022: Nibor recognised as a critical benchmark - Updated framework documents
In December 2021 the decision to recognize Nibor as a critical benchmark was implemented in Norwegian law. The Norwegian FSA has now verified that the Nibor Panel Bank Code of Conduct complies with BMR. Following this, NoRe has published revised versions of Nibor Panel Bank Code of Conduct, Nibor Cessation Policy, Nibor Transition Policy and the Nibor Benchmark Statement.



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